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Admin Code1

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Country Code Admin 1 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
SO20Waqooyi Galbeed RegionWaqooyi Galbeed Region50360
SO19Togdheer RegionTogdheer Region51230
SO14Shabeele Hoose RegionShabeele Hoose Region51966
SO13Middle ShabeleMiddle Shabele51967
SO12Sanaag RegionSanaag Region52187
SO18Nugaal RegionNugaal Region53477
SO10Mudug RegionMudug Region53707
SO09Lower JubaLower Juba56083
SO08Middle JubaMiddle Juba56084
SO07Hiiran RegionHiiran Region57060
SO06Gedo RegionGedo Region58802
SO05Galgadud RegionGalgadud Region59362
SO04Bay RegionBay Region64538
SO03Bari RegionBari Region64661
SO02Banadir RegionBanadir Region64833
SO01Bakool RegionBakool Region64982
SO21Awadal RegionAwadal Region6268943
SO22Sool RegionSool Region6268947